Host A Mega Open House This Weekend And Get A New Client By Monday Who Closes In 30 Days Or Less

A “mega” open house is not a “traditional” open house.  In a traditional open house, the agent puts up a few signs, crosses their fingers, and hopes for the best.  In a mega open house, the agent promotes the property and draws 20, 30, 40, 50, and even 100 motivated home buyers (and sellers) into the event.

With exponentially more guests, the agent’s chance of success goes up exponentially too.  The odds of selling the home directly improve … and the odds of finding new clients is almost guaranteed.

Many agents are averaging 1 closing for each mega open house.  Clients tend to be 2/3 buyers and 1/3 sellers.  That usually surprises veteran agents … that sellers are attending open houses to gather sales data and shop for an area expert agent.

According to a study done by Harris Interactive Research Group, 91% of home buyers attend or plan to attend an open house during the home buying process.  Why?  Because buyers want to see the neighborhood, touch the granite counter-tops, smell the air, and feel what it would be like to live there.  Internet pictures and videos are not enough for such a huge investment.  So open houses are making a come back.

Home buyers who attend mega open houses tend to be in Phase 2 of the home buying cycle, previewing homes, and 12 weeks or less away from making an offer.  So agents are finding higher qualify, motivated home buyers who are more likely to buy sooner than other lead generation methods, like internet leads or general advertisements.

All this has lead to an “underground” movement of top agents who are hosting mega open houses to save money (most are done on a shoestring budget) and increase higher quality leads.  It has also created a need for a quick, effective, training program that agents can take and immediately see results.

The Mega Open House System Course is an advanced training program designed to get an agent up and running with 7 days.  After completing the MOHS Course, students are ready to host their first/best mega open house.

Success often comes quickly.

Here are just a few examples of agents succeeding with mega open houses:

11 New Clients In 1 Weekend

Brand new agent Eric Houston had a slow start in real estate and needed a jump start.  He watched the webinar and joined the MOHS Course.  A few weeks later, Eric held a weekend mega open house.  Result?  247 guests (101 Saturday and 146 Sunday) and 11 new clients (7 buyers and 4 sellers).  And he’s still following up with all the leads.

44 Closings In 1st Year

Nate Brill is a new agent.  In his first full year in real estate, he sold 44 homes.  In his second year, he is on track to sell 100 homes.  Nate’s #1 source of business … mega open houses.

31 Listings Per Month

Joshua Smith is a team leader.  Joshua switched from expensive “advertising” to the mega open house concept and saved $30,000 in monthly marketing expense.  His production went up.  Not only is he getting buyer leads, but Joshua and his team are avereraging 31 new seller listings per month from mega open houses.

1 Mega = 8 Closings

Thomas March is a veteran solo-agent.  He’s held 60+ mega open houses.  He’s averaging 45 guests per open.  At his best, Thomas had over 150 people attend and it resulted in 8 closings (5 buyers and 3 sellers).  Mega open houses work.


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